Apple employees fight back against Tim Cook’s return-to-office order | Business News

Apple staff are fighting back against the company’s return-to-office order, saying it risks stifling diversity and wellbeing.

The group – called Apple Together – has launched a petition demanding “location flexible work”, saying that work arrangements should be between a worker and their “immediate manager”.

Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook told employees in and around the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, that they should return to the office three days a week from 5 September.

He said this would help preserve the “in-person collaboration that is so essential to our culture”.

According to a report in the Financial Times, Apple Together said this “uniform mandate from senior leadership” fails to respect the “many compelling reasons” why some employees are “happier and more productive” working outside traditional arrangements.

The report said the petition is being circulated internally before it will be verified, and the results sent to executives.

Sky News has requested a comment from Apple.

Apple was among many companies in the US and worldwide that had employees work from home during the worst days of the COVID pandemic.

But many of these companies are now finding it difficult to get these workers back to the office.