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Apple has announced two new iPads, finally ditching the ubiquitous home button from its standard model and bringing a powerful new chip to the Pro.

The 10th generation of the basic tablet joins the Air and mini versions in boasting an all-screen design, as was first introduced with the iPhone X back in 2017.

It comes in at 10.9 inches, has an A14 chip which Apple says will boost performance speeds and battery life, and updated cameras including a repositioned front-facing camera for better video calling.

Rather than be at the top when you hold it vertically like an iPhone, it’s now at the top when you have it set up horizontally like a laptop.

For those who like their iPad to have more of a laptop vibe, a new keyboard with a trackpad is also being released alongside the tablet – which comes in four colours – on 26 October.

As for the new iPad Pro, that comes sporting the same M2 chip used in some of Apple’s Macs, likely providing more power than you’ll ever need for those Netflix binges and Candy Crush sessions.

It also promises improved Apple Pencil functionality, with the screen able to detect the world’s fanciest writing utensil from 12mm away – allowing you to see a preview of what you want to write or draw before actually committing to it.

UK prices far outstrip those in US

The devices will cost a pretty penny for those interested in the UK.

The new standard iPad starts at £499, and the new iPad Pro starts at £899.

That compares unfavourably to the US, where the basic model starts at $449 (£397) and the Pro at $799 (£707).

What about my old iPad? Any love?

As is often the case with Apple product announcements, many of the most exciting features come through software rather than hardware.

The latest version of iPadOS (16) will be released two days before the new iPads and will be supported on all existing iPad Pros, the third generation iPad Air onwards, and the fifth generation iPad and iPad Air onwards.

Here’s some of what you can expect:

• Edit or unsend texts sent in the messages app
• Set up and join shared photo libraries with family and friends
• Share tabs and bookmarks in the Safari web browser
• Improved multitasking, allowing you to resize and overlap app windows like on a desktop
• And finally, yes, really, the iPad is getting a built-in weather app

The new iPad Pro will be Apple's priciest tablet. Pic: Apple
The new iPad Pro will be Apple’s priciest tablet. Pic: Apple

And one more thing…

Away from iPads, a new Apple TV 4K has also been announced.

Like the tablets, it’s equipped with a new chip – the A16 – for faster performance.

It also supports more forms of HDR, comes with an upgraded remote with a touch-enabled click pad, and the voice assistant Siri will be redesigned via a software update.

You will be able to ask more questions specific to the TV experience, like suggestions for what to watch, and it will recognise different users’ voices and deliver tailored recommendations.

The new Apple TV is released on 4 November, starting at £149.

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