Artificial intelligence: Rishi Sunak vows to tackle ‘dangers’ around AI as landmark paper published | Science & Tech News

Rishi Sunak has vowed to tackle fears around artificial intelligence (AI) “head-on” as the government prepares to host a world-first global safety summit.

The prime minister has made taking advantage of the fast-improving technology, while also regulating against its potential dangers, a focus since taking office last year.

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On Thursday, the government will publish a first-of-its-kind paper into its capabilities and risks.

To mark its release, Mr Sunak will acknowledge the “dangers and fears” AI brings – with concerns around misinformation and deepfakes, job losses, and a threat to human life itself all cited by experts in recent months.

In a speech, he is expected to say that while it offers knowledge, opportunities for economic growth, and advances in human capability, it also brings new challenges.

“The responsible thing for me to do is to address those fears head-on,” he will say.

“Giving you the peace of mind that we will keep you safe, while making sure you and your children have all the opportunities for a better future that AI can bring.”

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Sunak hails the potential of AI

Next week’s AI Safety Summit at Bletchley Park, home of Britain’s Second World War codebreakers, will see other world leaders and tech bosses unite to discuss how the technology should be regulated.

It will focus on the misuse of it by bad actors, such as to carry out cyberattacks or develop bioweapons, and the threats posed by the loss of control of AI.

Talks will also cover its impact on wider society, such as in elections.

Mr Sunak has already met several leading figures working in AI development, including the bosses of ChatGPT creator OpenAI and UK-based Google DeepMind.

Thursday’s paper, which includes assessments from UK intelligence agencies, will form part of the discussions.

Technology Secretary Michelle Donelan will open the summit next Wednesday, 1 November.