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Tinder is now letting users’ family members suggest potential partners on the dating app.

The company’s new feature, Matchmaker, allows users to give access to their potential matches to up to 15 friends or relatives in a 24-hour period.

Those people can then view profiles and suggest possible matches even without a Tinder account.

However, they cannot message potential partners on the user’s behalf.

Once the Matchmaker session ends, Tinder users have the opportunity to review the profiles their matchmakers’ recommended and then make a final decision.

The new feature is being rolled out in the UK and a range of other countries in the coming months.

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The dating app said the feature built on a common usage of the platform, where Tinder users hand over their phone to a friend to matchmake, and bring it directly into the platform.

“For years, singles have asked their friends to help find their next match on Tinder, and now we’re making that so easy with Tinder Matchmaker,” Melissa Hobley, Tinder’s chief marketing officer, said.

“Tinder Matchmaker brings your circle of trust into your dating journey and helps you see the possibilities you might be overlooking from the perspective of those closest to you.”

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