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A Twitter account which tracked Elon Musk’s private jet has been suspended.

The automated bot, dubbed @ElonJet, was set up by a university student in Florida to chart the live location of the Tesla and SpaceX founder‘s aircraft.

Earlier this year, before he had launched his takeover of the platform, Musk requested that it be taken down.

He described the account as “a security risk” and even offered money in exchange, but the teenager quipped that payment would not replace the satisfaction he gained from running it.

On Wednesday, more than 10 months later, Musk seemed to finally get his way.

Visiting the account now states that it has been suspended as it violates Twitter’s rules.

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The account’s owner, Jack Sweeney, had claimed days before the suspension that the account was being “shadowbanned”, meaning that its reach was being severely restricted.

Like other accounts run by Mr Sweeney, it had been sharing details of the movements of Musk’s plane, including routes and distance travelled, CO2 emissions, and how much jet fuel was being used.

He has also run bot accounts tracking the jets of Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, though he has insisted that they do not keep track of who is actually on board.

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