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Tinder is testing a new tool that lets AI pick your best photos.

The feature was detailed during an earnings call with investors by parent company Match, which also owns online dating platforms like OkCupid and Hinge.

Chief executive Bernard Kim said it could “take out the stress” someone feels when picking pictures, and help them become more efficient and confident in building their profile.

The tool would scan a person’s photo album and choose the five it thinks are best.

It was one of several potential new AI features the company revealed during the earnings call, including one that would see the app explain to users why it had recommended certain matches.

This concept image was shared with Match investors. Pic: Match
This concept image was shared with Match investors. Pic: Match

Fewer swipes, more likes?

Match said there was a role for AI in improving “user outcomes”, or securing more matches with fewer swipes.

More on Artificial Intelligence

The company said while apps like Tinder have already used the tech on the backend to help drive its algorithms and “trust and safety efforts”, new features would be more user-focused.

Some of them should launch by the end of this year, as it vowed to “focus on authenticity” and keep in mind privacy and ethical concerns around the use of AI in dating apps.

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Asking AI for potential chat-up lines

It comes after a recent survey by cybersecurity firm Kaspersky and dating app Inner Circle found more than half of single men would consider using a chatbot to help talk to matches, and 51% of women said they would use it to sustain multiple conversations.

Increasingly convincing image and video generators, and voice cloning tools, have also been flagged as issues in a potential new era of AI-driven catfishing.

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